Paul McCartney Brings Up Old Friend And Bandmate Ringo Starr During Recent Performance

Paul McCartney Brings Up Old Friend And Bandmate Ringo Starr During Recent Performance
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According to a report from TMZ, the remaining members of the legendary rock band, The Beatles, took the stage for the first time in years earlier this week. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr came together for a brief performance that was praised by social media and fans of both artists.

Mr. McCartney finished off his latest tour, Freshen Up, while at the Dodger Stadium, and he brought out Ringo to sing a rendition of their songs, "Helter Skelter," as well as "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Approximately 58,000 people were there before the 77-year-old's performance with Ringo, who is two years older than him.

Reportedly, Paul and Ringo still managed to sound amazing despite their age. Moreover, TMZ claims the bass player played a 38-song set and also paid tribute to the late guitar player for The Beatles, George Harrison.

Paul sang the track, "Something," as well as the song, "Here Today," for his old friend, John Lennon. And not only did Mr. Ringo Starr make it on to the stage, but Paul also brought out the legendary guitarist from The Eagles, Joe Walsh.

Fans were led to believe that Paul won't be hanging up his skates anytime soon either, as he said before the audience, "we'll see you next time." Another band to continue performing despite being well into their 70s are The Rolling Stones.

Previously this year, the frontman of the band, Mick Jagger, had to cancel his performance and the band's tour because of heart complications for which he went under the knife. On his social media, the legendary frontman thanked the surgeon as well as his fans for being so sympathetic.

As it was noted above, Paul and Ringo are the last members of The Beatles, with John Lennon passing away in 1980 and George Harrison a few decades later from lung cancer which spread to his brain. John was tragically shot and killed by a crazed fan outside of his New York City apartment.

Mark David Chapman has since been denied parole on a number of different occasions, on account of the fact Yoko Ono has petitioned against his release every time, moreover, due to the fact, his motivation for murdering John was for fame and personal gain.

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