Paul Burrell Reveals Wife’s Breakdown When He Came Out As Gay

Paul Burrell Reveals Wife’s Breakdown When He Came Out As Gay
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Paul Burrell, who is the former servant of the Royal British Household, told the press that he was gay and revealed that he and his wife both broke down into tears when he admitted his sexual orientation.

His wife was completely devastated by his revelation that he had planned to marry his boyfriend, Graham. Burrell told the press that he felt bad about his choices and that he felt selfish for hurting the people that were so close to him.

Burrell told The Mirror that his relationship with his wife had lasted a staggering amount of time and that the couple “had been to hell and back. Our marriage lasted 32 years and I still want to be there for her.”

"We cried when I told Maria I was marrying Graham. And she said, 'Does that mean we'll never be together as a family again?' I said, 'No, it doesn't mean that.'"

Apparently, his wife told him that he could lose his sons and the rest of his family because they wouldn’t understand but Burrell said, “she was wrong.” Both of his sons are expected to fly out from their homes in the United States and attend the ceremony of their father.

He told the hosts of the "This Morning" show that he had never revealed his true sexual orientation to Princess Diana even though he respected her tremendously and thought of her as an open-minded person. It was a don’t-ask-and-don’t-tell situation where Diana knew his situation but never bothered to ask because she didn’t have to.

"I never had that conversation with her,” Paul said, before going on to explain: “I was her best friend. I was a great advisor on what to wear and when to wear it. I did great flower arrangements… it didn’t have to be said."


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