Patrick Dempsey, violent with his ex-wife?

Patrick Dempsey, violent with his ex-wife?
Source: Forbes

Apparently, Patrick Dempsey, who is starring in "Bridget Jones", attacked his first wife, Rocky Parker, just because he wanted to see what it feels like to beat up a woman. The Sun on Sunday revealed that Dempsey, aged 50, has physically abused his first wife while he was filming on the set of the movie "Can't Buy Me Love".

As it seems, the publication has had access to court papers which showed that Rochelle Parker, also called "Rocky", accused him of beating her up while they were on the set. The accusations seem to be really serious, as she claimed she got herself a nasty arthritis after she was attacked by him.

The documents were filed back in 1994 while they were in the process of divorce. Moreover, they show that the actress had to go and see a psychiatrist while she was together with Dempsey for seven years. The accusations were submitted to the court in L.A. as part of the case of their divorce. The actress, who is now deceased, later on took back the allegations she made for domestic violence.

According to The Sun, the actress claimed that her husband at the time was violent to her on the movie set while they were filming. Apparently he slammed her hand on a door and he broke one of her fingers. As a result, she suffered from arthritis and his only explanation was that he wanted to feel what it was like to beat up a woman.

Rocky passed away in 2014, suffering of throat and lung cancer at the age of 74. She had claimed that she nurtured Patrick's talent and also helped him quit alcohol and drugs. Moreover, she claimed she quit her own acting in order to guide and nurture him. When the claims came to light in 2006, she quit the allegations.


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