Patricia Arquette Offers Advice To Chrissy Teigen Who Is Being Harassed 24/7 By Q-Anon And Accused Of Being A Pedophile

Patricia Arquette Offers Advice To Chrissy Teigen Who Is Being Harassed 24/7 By Q-Anon And Accused Of Being A Pedophile
Credit: Source: Patricia Arquette/Instagram

Patricia Arquette is reaching out to Chrissy Teigen on Twitter after the model and actress revealed that members of the conspiracy theory group Q-Anon are harassing her 24/7. Chrissy explained the group has targeted herself and John Legend and accuses them of being involved in Hollywood pedophile rings. Chrissy spoke out and said the accusations are taking a toll on her. Patricia tweeted to Chrissy and encouraged her to not only block the people making the remarks but to block their followers as well.

The thread continued with Patricia Arquette leaving several responses to Chrissy's tweets. Patricia encouraged her to block, mute, ignore and block everyone associated with the account. She also offered her sympathy for all that Chrissy is going through. As Patricia and Chrissy are both outspoken critics of President Donald Trump, they have become targeted by Q-Anon followers who look at President Trump as somewhat of a savior who has come to save America from evil.

Patricia wrote the following.

"It sucks you're going through that. On the bright side they are all gathering in one place and we can all report, mute, and block them. It will make 2020 so much more pleasant! Easy clean up!"

To see more of Patricia's responses to Chrissy Teigen, visit the official thread that's shared below.

Chrissy Teigen has been trolled hard by Q-Anon and Patricia, as well as her sister Rosanna Arquette, have faced online harassment from many people who profess to support President Trump. One of Rosanna's tweets caused so much backlash, the FBI reportedly told her to put her account on lockdown. Rosanna responded and put her Twitter on private for her own safety.

What do you think about Q-Anon and how they are continually harassing and accusing Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend? Do you think Twitter should take a stronger approach about people who use social media to bully and harass others?

Do you agree with Patricia Arquette's advice to Chrissy? Do you think it is better to ignore cyberbullies and those who harass by blocking, ignoring and muting them, or do you think it is good to respond as Chrissy Teigen did?


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