Patricia Arquette Claims Producers Wanted Her To Drop The Pounds For Medium

Patricia Arquette Claims Producers Wanted Her To Drop The Pounds For Medium
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According to a report from Page Six, the star of Medium and Boyhood, Patricia Arquette, claims that producers once asked her to become more slender during the role in the TV show for which she was given an Emmy - Medium.

During a conversation with reporters from The Hollywood Reporter, Patricia said she once had an argument with producers over her body size. The actress said she got into a verbal spat with a  Medium producer "who told (her) (she) should lose weight."

Patricia told them that she's a mother with three kids, moreover, there is a certain set of expectations that a person just needs to be attractive. She said, a person "could be forty, but you've got to be a forty-year-old who looks thirty." Ironically, Patricia had to gain pounds for her character in the movie, Escape at Dannemora.

As most know, the body positivity has taken hold along with the #MeToo movement. Actresses frequently complain about the way in which they're held to body-type standards that are often directed at women and not men.

Another complaint by women's rights is the idea that black women and other women of color frequently have their skin-color airbrushed in order to be featured in magazines.

Jameela Jamil is one actress who has pointed out this dilemma as well, even posting an image on her Instagram once in which she dissected a photoshopped image of herself. Ironically, the body positivity movement comes at a time in North America where Americans and Canadians are more overweight than they ever have been.

According to a report from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the obesity epidemic is a very real thing, as 39.8% of American adults are considered obese, and not just overweight. Some of the health concerns associated with weight gain are heart disease, stroke, diabetes, as well as mental health issues.

The CDC also reports that the obesity epidemic is costing tax-payers billions of dollars a year. The organization claims it cost the medical system around $147,000,000,000 in 2008. It's unclear what the most current statistics are.

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