Patricia Altschul Refuses To Let 'Fame Wh**e' Ashley Jacobs Crash The Southern Charm Season 6 Finale

Patricia Altschul Refuses To Let 'Fame Wh**e' Ashley Jacobs Crash The Southern Charm Season 6 Finale
Credit: Source: Bravo

Last week, the cast of Southern Charm gathered at the historic William Aiken House in Charleston, South Carolina, for a party hosted by Patricia Altschul. The event also appears to be where they filmed the Season 6 finale of Southern Charm, and it looks like they have finally gotten rid of the disease known as Ashley Jacobs.

Even though producers fired Jacobs’ on-again, off-again boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, before they started filming Season 6, Jacobs has managed to haunt the cast throughout filming these past few months thanks to producers throwing her in random situations to stir up drama.

The cast clearly does not like Jacobs, but she continues to try to win their favor. And, according to FitsNews , she made a deal with producers to bring her back so she could apologize for all of the misery she caused last season.

The producer Jacobs made the deal with may just be a “double agent” because someone alerted Altschul of the California nurse’s plans to crash the party - and Altschul was ready.

For over a year, Jacobs has wanted to confront the Southern Charm matriarch in public and on camera, and producers allegedly told Jacobs that this party was going to be her chance. However, because Altschul knew Jacobs was going to show up, she hired a ton of security to cut Jacobs’ off and “take out the garbage.”

“Her brief appearance resulted in no drama, no acceptance, no storyline … in other words a pathetic dud,” Altschul tweeted.

She later added a picture of her “bodyguard,” and wrote, “Nobody knew for sure whether she would come or not, but being the fame wh**e that she is I decided to cut her off at the pass.”

Are fans going to get the chance to witness security throwing Jacobs out in the rain while everyone cheers? Let’s hope so. Apparently, Bravo cameras caught everything. They even followed Jacobs when she went running back to Ravenel for moral support.

So, it looks like the Season 6 finale is going to be epic. And maybe, Jacobs’ Southern Charm days are finally over.

New episodes of Southern Charm will return to Bravo later this year.


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