Paris Jackson's Romance With Gabriel Glenn Is Officially Over

Paris Jackson's Romance With Gabriel Glenn Is Officially Over
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A source who spoke with Page Six this week said Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn 's relationship has come to an end. The former lovers have broken up, although, insiders claimed they're still on great terms, it was just time for them to go separate ways.

As fans of the ex-couple know, they worked together on the Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, which came out on the 30th of June. The show finished its final episode this past Tuesday night.

Reportedly, the 22-year-old model and Glenn first started dating two years ago in November. According to a report from People Magazine, whom the model spoke to recently, Paris says she feels like her sexuality doesn't fit in a particular category.

Put simply, Paris says there is no label that adequately describes who she is or how she feels. Jackson went on to say she didn't like to use labels for anything like that at all and finds the cultural trend in this direction as "beautiful."

Jackson says human beings need to categorize and "compartmentalize" many things just to bring order to the world. It's a way of grasping the infinite complexity of the universe. On her Facebook Watch series, she also touched on the idea of bisexuality.

She says she has "dated more than just men and women." The model went on to say it didn't matter what your chromosomes are or how you're created physically, it's just a matter of "what are you like as a person."

The last time Paris was in the news was when she talked about her father, Michael Jackson, who told her how important it was to always follow one's dreams. Paris explained how her dad wanted her to follow her passion and never give up on it.

Jackson said in a past interview that it was important for other people to do the same thing. These days, Jackson works as not only a model but also an actress . She's great friends with Bella Thorne and is often seen hanging around Macauly Mccaulkin as well.

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