Paris Jackson Talks About How Zac Efron Broke Her Heart When She Was Young!

Paris Jackson Talks About How Zac Efron Broke Her Heart When She Was Young!
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Paris Jackson revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show how Zac Efron had broken her heart nearly a decade ago and how she never really got over it.

The 18-year-old model and singer said that Efron was absent from her first concert ever during the High School Musical .

Paris explained that was the concert she really wanted to see him perform and she was really bummed out when she found out Efron was not there. At the time Efron was busy filming a movie while the rest of the Disney Channel musical was traveling all over the country.

She told the viewers of the show the actor was "shooting that movie with the horses" referring to the film The Derby Stallion . Efron at that time was actually filming the 2007 adaption of the Broadway musical Hairspray .

She went on to say that Zac Efron was replaced by "some guy" who was Drew Seeley, the actual singing voice of Efron in the first High School Musical movie. Paris said, "that was the most depressing part about it." Zac Efron wasn't there, and she was a heartbroken young girl.

Fallon tried to make Jackson feel better and asked if Seeley at least looked like Efron to which she replied no, and Fallon replied "What a nightmare!"

During her time on The Tonight Show, she revealed a number of different first-time experiences she had as a child, including the first vinyl LP she ever had which was The Beatles infamous classic Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band and her first CD which was the Lion King soundtrack.

Paris Jackson has been making news recently, as she has been on the cover of Rolling Stone and it was her first appearance ever on The Tonight Show .

Some people have questioned if Paris Jackson really has a role in the limelight, other than being the daughter of the internationally famous singer Michael Jackson.


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