Paris Jackson Performs With Gabriel Glenn 'The Soundflowers' While Mom Debbie Rowe Roots For Her

Paris Jackson Performs With Gabriel Glenn 'The Soundflowers' While Mom Debbie Rowe Roots For Her
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There's been a lot of intense scrutiny surrounding Paris Jackson lately so it's nice to see her in the news for something that's not just positive but fun. If you weren't aware, Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn are in a band. It's just the two of them and the duo is called The Soundflowers. It's a great name and conjures up vibes of peaceful bohemians soaking up the warm beautiful rays of the sun that makes all groovy things grow in love. And that's pretty much the vibe you'll get from Paris and Gabriel or The Soundflowers".

On Saturday night, The Soundflowers performed live at L.A.'s "The Mint" and Paris had plenty of support on hand.

Her mother, Debbie Rowe, was in the audience as well as Paris' godfather Macaulay Culkin. X17Online photographers were outside when they were leaving and was able to snap some behind-the-scenes footage, but there is also great footage circulating (and going viral) of Paris singing and playing guitar with Gabriel Glenn.

Check out some of the video footage captured during the show below.

You can also get a look at Paris and Gabriel as they left The Mint looking happy and in love as the photographers hurriedly snapped their photos below.

The photographers congratulated the band for their performance and told them they made a beautiful couple while one could be heard asking Paris if she and Gabriel planned on marrying and having kids.

After Paris and Gabriel left the venue, Debbie Rowe came out. While Paris and Gabriel seemed comfortable with the photographers, Debbie seemed ill at ease. She was helped to her car while photographers asked questions regarding her ex-husband Michael Jackson. She was asked if there were wedding plans in the works for Paris and Gabriel to which she answered that she hadn't heard anything.

Things have reportedly been difficult for Michael Jackson's children recently so it's great to see Paris out and about and not only having fun but sharing her gifts and musical talents with the world.

What did you think of Paris Jackson's and Gabriel Glenn's band The Soundflowers?


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