Paris Jackson Is 'Crazy In Love' With Her Boyfriend, Source Says - Their Romance Has Changed Her

Paris Jackson Is 'Crazy In Love' With Her Boyfriend, Source Says - Their Romance Has Changed Her
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Paris Jackson and her boyfriend seem happier than ever and she is reportedly ‘crazy in love’ with Gabriel Glenn, who is also her fellow The Soundflowers bandmate! The two of them are currently on their first tour and everything is going great, one insider report claims to know.

Judging by the loving post below, dedicated to him and their relationship, it’s safe to say that HollywoodLife’s source is right about all that.

Paris and Gabriel have been involved romantically since last year, which is also when the two of them started their band.

The insider shared with the outlet that the romance they share has impacted Paris a lot – in a good way.

‘Paris is doing really, really well. She and Gabriel are crazy in love and very happy together. They’re on their first [Soundflowers] tour right now and they’re busy working on their first [Soundflowers] album. Paris has found her voice and her confidence with music, she’s pretty much constantly writing songs. She still has an interest in acting but it’s definitely takes second place to her music now.’

They added that ‘it’s the same with modeling, she’s still enjoying it and she’ll take on certain projects but it’s much less of a priority to her now compared to music. Being with Gabriel and making music with him has changed her priorities because now she has the confidence to really go after a career in music.’

On November 12, the lovers kicked off their tour with a first stop in Santa Barbara.

The day before, Paris took to social media to share some details about it all, explaining the reason why their hands were covered in rainbow dye.

Apparently, it was because they were tie-dyeing some shirts for the tour.


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