Paris Jackson Fights Back Against Reports That She Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel

Paris Jackson Fights Back Against Reports That She Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel
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Following the release of Leaving Neverland , Paris Jackson has inadvertently found herself involved in the controversy surrounding her father's supposed transgressions throughout his life. As it was previously reported, Leaving Neverland has caused considerable contention in the last few months since its release.

The documentary is a long feature, delving into the lives of Michael Jackson, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck, the two young boys who testified in Michael's defense during his court battle over ten years ago.

Since then, both Wade and James have come to terms with what Michael Jackson allegedly did to them. According to the two accusers, Michael groomed them into being sexual partners when they were just young boys.

Unfortunately, Paris Jackson, the 21-year-old daughter of the late superstar, has found herself - due to her relation - taking part in this controversy. Reportedly, people on social media have been sending her all kinds of horrible messages because of her father. Moreover, her latest paparazzi debacle has caused increased stress.

"This past week it's been nonstop ****; I'm so sick of it," the 21-year-old model explained. Paris was reacting to photos which supposedly showed her falling asleep behind the steering wheel of her car. Paris later said she had only closed her eyes for a moment while listening to a song.

Paris accused the paparazzi of making it seem like she was on the road driving while resting; when in reality, the picture was taken in the middle of a parking lot while her boyfriend ran into the gas station to get fuel.

As it was noted above, some people believe this is all a bigger part of the problems plaguing the Jackson family right now, notably, the charges against the late King of Pop, Michael. TMZ reported that her family members urged her to go to rehab following her supposed suicide attempts.

Paris responded to these claims, describing them as completely false and not even close to the truth. A source who spoke with the outlet claims Paris took a blade to her wrists and she was subsequently placed on temporary 5150-report.

An information authority related to the LAPD spoke with People Magazine and said that the details of TMZ's report were the truth. An ambulance drove to the 7200 block of Hillside due to an attempted suicide.

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