Paris Jackson Destroys Body-Shamer!

Paris Jackson Destroys Body-Shamer!

Paris Jackson fought back against one of her critics on Twitter!

The daughter of the legendary pop star Michael Jackson had a killer response to a body-shaming bully pointed out the 19-year-old had gained some weight.

"Yes you have [put] on a little weight," the person wrote to Jackson on Saturday, April 1, to which the young model replied, “F--k yeah I have.”

The model's Twitter followers had her back with enthusiastic praise, with one of the tweeters writing "I've gained weight too since I was 12," one fan said, while another wrote "Be proud of your body!"


This isn't the first time Paris has dealt with online bullies.

In June of 2016, she shook up internet haters who were incessantly bothering her to post a Father's Day tweet for her father who died when he was 50-years-old. The young model proclaimed in an interview she was the late pop singer's favorite child.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Paris talked about the difficulty of fame and the way she goes about managing it. The star explained she has thought plenty of times about not involving herself in the public sphere.

She described the state of current affairs as increasingly getting worse and eventually decided she will use her position in society for the greater good and she will have a plan on what to do soon enough.

Paris has been busy making a lot of headlines lately, as the star has been fraternizing with other Hollywood elites. As recently reported she was spotted hanging out with Kendall Jenner. The two were seen shopping at several flea markets.

When Paris had her 19th birthday, she was given a birthday cake from Fergie, the infamous singer who was the singer for the Black Eyed Peas.

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