Paris Hilton Protests In Support Of Shutting Down Utah Private School

Paris Hilton Protests In Support Of Shutting Down Utah Private School
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Paris Hilton is sick of just talking, a report from Today suggested. As followers of the media personality know, Hilton has been a lot more open and honest about the experiences she had at a private boarding school in Utah.

This Friday, it was reported by the outlet that Hilton took to the streets to protest in support of the closure of the school, despite the fact it's allegedly under new ownership and has been for years. The publication says that Hilton organized a protest near Provo Canyon School among hundreds of other people.

Thus far, Today claims, hundreds of people have complained about the school saying that they either suffered there or know someone who did. Paris wants the doors to the institution permanently closed. Hilton wore a shirt with the words on it, "survivor," as well as "breaking code silence."

Hilton is now campaigning for similar schools to be shut down because she claims they are corrupt institutions that need to be changed from the inside out.

Reportedly, Hilton says she was abused in a number of ways during her time there as a teenager. In fact, she even described it as "torture."

As it was previously reported, Paris Hilton dropped a brand new YouTube documentary this past month called This is Paris , in which she laid her claims against the school to bare. People such as Kat Von D , Paris Jackson, and more attended the institution.

Hilton said before the crowd this weekend that her experiences there were so "traumatic" that she simply blocked it out for most of her adult life.

In response to the allegations, the school says they came under new ownership back in 2000, and they haven't commented on the way in which the former managers had handled it.


According to the school's website, it's been designed to help teens and other troubled youth who have struggled with things like abuse, drug abuse, and violence. Hilton says her goal is to shut down schools all over the country who have similar policies and incidents of abuse and harassment. She says it'll have a "domino effect."

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