Paris Hilton Is Not On Dating Apps -- The Heiress Would Like To Own One!

Paris Hilton Is Not On Dating Apps -- The Heiress Would Like To Own One!
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Paris Hilton is a single woman after calling off her engagement to Chris Zylka. She is back on the dating scene but don't expect to see her on any dating apps -- unless it's one that owns!

The hotel heiress is not interested in being matched with a potential catfish online. Hilton spoke with Life and Style recently on why online romance is not something she trusts.

"I just feel like if a guy is on that, I don’t really want to be with a guy who’s, like, going to be on it. It’s weird. I don’t know, but if I owned an app one day that was part of it I would be on it. If I owned equity in one I wouldn’t mind being on one."

Even if she did have a stake in a dating app company, it would be very Paris-style. The exclusive application would only allow 'cute people' who 'aren't weird.'

"I haven’t even been on any of them. I’ve never signed up for any of them, so I have no idea. But I know there’s a lot of fake accounts of me on all of these sites. I’ve met people that are like, 'Oh my God, I totally linked up with you on this.' I’m like, 'I’m not on that. So, you’re probably with some dude in his basement.' Getting catfished."

It doesn't seem as though the 38-year-old is in any rush to jump into another relationship anyway. She is focused on her career as a DJ and was recently spotted being boo'd up with rapper MGK.

An eyewitness spotted the potential couple at a magazine party and spilled the deets.

"They met at the event and it was a small group of people but there was instant chemistry between the two of them. They were talking almost the whole night and all smiles and he seemed into her. He has a presence to him and a small group including the two of them went out afterwards."

Would you want to join a dating app owned by Paris Hilton?

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