Paris Hilton Flirts With Jack Whitehall On Social Media!

Paris Hilton Flirts With Jack Whitehall On Social Media!
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It hasn’t been that long since Paris Hilton broke her engagement, but it looks like she has her eye on someone else already! The heiress has been flirting with none other than Jack Whitehall on social media by leaving comments under his photos.

Furthermore, it seems like the British comedian is not at all bothered by the attention, as one telling action of his has suggested.

While the ways in which Paris has been trying to get his attention are very subtle, since she only used emojis, people on social media have still noticed the exchange.

After all, sometimes an emoji can be worth a thousand words!

Throughout this month, Paris has been leaving all kinds of emojis under the man’s posts, including fire ones, a laughing cat, a unicorn, and, of course, the flirtiest of all – a heart eyes one!

As for what posts compelled Paris to leave those on Jack’s profile, they were his Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon trip, a snap of him on the set of Bounty Hunters, as well as a clip of the hunk in barely there swim shorts!

Finally, Jack proved he appreciated her just as much when he followed Paris’ account and also double tapped a pic of her working a stripper pole at her March 16 belated birthday party.

Speaking of, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘He was at her birthday party on March 16. She was overheard telling friends she thinks he is not only gorgeous but also brilliant and hilarious. Paris and Jack met in London.’

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