Paris Hilton And Kim Petras Discuss Their 'Iconic AF' Collab That's On Its Way!

Paris Hilton And Kim Petras Discuss Their 'Iconic AF' Collab That's On Its Way!
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Heiress Paris Hilton and German musician Kim Petras are preparing a huge collab that fans will definitely enjoy! While in attendance at the YouTube Streamy Awards, the two ladies updated their supporters on what they can look forward to when it comes to the song they might be working on pretty soon.

After introducing Petras’ performance at the awards ceremony, Paris also interviewed the singer for ET.

During their chat, the famous interviewer mentioned: ‘I'm very excited to go into the studio together.’

In response, Petras showed a lot of enthusiasm, saying: ‘I know! I feel like I finally have a song, and it has been way too long and we got to freakin' do it soon…And I am really excited, boots the house down.’

Paris, who also stared in Kim’s music video for I Don't Wait It At All back in 2017, teased that it’s going to be ‘iconic AF,’ something Kim agreed with.

The musician stressed once again that she might have the best idea for their collab song and reminded Paris how she promised their collab would be great back when they first met.

‘Anything we would do is gonna be amazing and doing your music video, that is one of my favorite things to send people. Our scenes together are, like, [the best]…I love it. As soon as I heard your song, I was like this girl is a f***ing star. And then to see you come so far, that was your first single, and then all of a sudden song after song. Girl, you don't stop,’ Hilton raved.

Are you excited to hear the two ladies' collab song together or not?

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