Paramore Explains Why They Will Not Be Making Any Music Any Time Soon

Paramore Explains Why They Will Not Be Making Any Music Any Time Soon
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Hayley Williams sent shockwaves through the Twitterverse when she said that Paramore wasn't working on any new music. Loyal fans have been riding with the band since the 00's and didn't react well to the news.

The band heard their followers and decided that they owe them an explanation.

In a heartbreaking note, Paramore started by promoting their eyewear collab and thanking customers.

'Dear friend, thank you for purchasing our signature rose-colored glasses, which were lovingly crafted by Crap Eyewear in collaboration with us. Though life isn't always rosy, we all deserve to pretend a little sometimes. These should help..'

They then got into the heavy topic: 'In light of Paramore's current absence from the outside world, we thought it'd be fun to remind you that the time we shared with you during After Laughter was one of the happiest in our band's career, thus far. Thank you for understanding that we are taking a really nice break after grinding away for nearly 15 years. It's so good to have a moment to just "be". Consider this our way of encouraging you to do the same and to take care of yourself however you feel is best.'

They shut down any rumors of a split by signing all of their names.

This comes after Williams spoke to Entertainment Tonight and sent fans in a panic after she claimed she didn't know what the future would hold for the group.

'I really don’t know what’s next for Paramore. The guys and I just had dinner the other night at my house. I think we’re just really enjoying being friends and adult human beings at home by ourselves without music.'

The group has been together since 2004 but rose to their highest fame when their songs were featured on cult classic Twilight.

How long do you think they will be on break for?

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