Papoose For The Win! He Is Catering To Remy Ma In Viral Romantic Photo

Papoose For The Win! He Is Catering To Remy Ma In Viral Romantic Photo
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MC Papoose for the win again. Remy Ma is one lucky lady who is often showered with love and affection by her husband.

This week, Papoose, who is in a league of his own when it comes to being a great husband, has done it again.

The father of the Golden Child has done it again -- he is featured in a sweet picture where he is feeding Remy Ma while wearing adorable sneakers with the words Black Love on the soles.

While the photo on its own is already marvelous, the caption made Papoose a bonafide winner at this thing called being a husband.

According to Remy Ma, her man wants her off her feet so he can cater to her.

She explained: "My husband @papoosepapoose is so perfect. I asked him why he put “BlackLove” on the BOTTOM of his new sneakers when nobody will see it? He said, you WILL be able to see it because when a woman wears them, she should be relaxing with her feet up and her man catering to her. If you need some #Blacklove click the LINK IN MY BIO Happy ❤️ Day#RemyAndPap #MeetTheMackies #RemyMa."

One fan stated after reading the sweet note: "Papoose for da #WIN ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 he’s teaching a whole generation of men how to be married!!!!! praying for some so real & solid as this.SERIOUSLY!!!🙌🏻 You guys don't know how much of an inspiration you can be to black couples out there 1or 💙💓💓💙Black men need to leave these white women alone and value theirs🙌🏻. Love y’all!!!🗣❤️fav couple tho#blacklove."

Another commenter had this to say about the following: "Remy just say that your husband Mr. Jackie was made for you, don’t say perfect no one is perfect, from what I’ve been following your story is a story of Realistic Black Love, and that’s what the Lord wanted for you, and that’s both of your destiny, each other. You two are such an awesome couple. You don't look like what you been through. That is so inspiring. Thanks for reminding us that true #blacklove still exists."

This third message read: "All of you are an excellent example of what true, lasting love and family look like!@remyma where do you find men like that in Florida? Please let me know n the rest of us loyal, honest good mother working women❤❤Can y’all design “Black Love” Attire please for us to purchase and wear also. I swear your husband needs to teach the rest of these males out here how to treat females..... #oneluckylady."

Those two are playing the love game well.

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