Pamela Anderson’s Ex-Husband Jon Peters Denies Telling News Outlet He Was Coerced Into Paying Off Her $200,000 Debt

Pamela Anderson’s Ex-Husband Jon Peters Denies Telling News Outlet He Was Coerced Into Paying Off Her $200,000 Debt
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Since Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters’ marriage only lasted 12 days, it makes sense that a lot of rumors would appear as a result. One is that the actress only married her friend of decades so that he’d pay off her $200,000 debt before then ending things with him.

However, the man is now clapping back at the news outlets reporting that he’s paid off her debt - well, sort of.

Not only that but now, there are new reports saying he’s totally moved on from Pamela since, only three weeks after their split, he is now engaged with someone else!

Us Weekly was the first to share this, claiming that Jon himself told them he is engaged to former model Julia Bernheim.

As for he and Pamela, they shocked fans when she revealed they had gotten married in a small and intimate ceremony in Malibu.

It was sudden and unexpected since the two had been friends for decades and even neighbors for just as long.

But what baffled social media users even more came 12 days later when the actress told them about the split!

Not too long after, a publication claimed that Jon told them he paid off her debts amounting to no less than $200K and then she broke up with him before they could even register then marriage certificate.

However, Jon addressed the report and it looks like he denies ever telling anyone such a thing.

During an interview with Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle, he mentioned the false report, insisting that ‘I haven’t spoken to the press — nobody.’

He went on to say he still has a lot of love for Pamela: ‘I’ve loved this kid since she was 20-years-old. I still love her. We’re friends. We’ll always be friends.’

However, just because he hasn’t actually talked to a publication about it, doesn’t mean he hasn’t paid Pamela’s debt!

Jon seemed to hint that he did indeed help Pamela with money, adding that ‘I helped her in a way she needed, but it is between her and I. I think she is great, and that’s all I got to say.’

Then, Pamela also addressed the previous report, insisting that ‘I don’t need anyone to pay my bills.’

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