Pamela Anderson Says She Misses Julian Assange On Twitter

Pamela Anderson Says She Misses Julian Assange On Twitter
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Today, Friday, March 29th, Pamela Anderson took to her Twitter account to say that she missed her rumored boyfriend, Julian Assange, complaining that she hasn't been able to hang out with him for approximately one year. Referring to the WikiLeaks founder, she said "we all miss his voice" and his "laugh."

According to Pamela, he's being "held up" in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, United Kingdom, and he doesn't have any visitor privileges or even access to the internet. The Baywatch alum claimed that Julian is a "uniquely strong and dedicated" person.

Later on, Pam responded to tweets that accused her of lying with the enemy to be a symptom of "IGNORANCE," as she put it. She went on to say that people refuse to understand that Julian is actually a hero and that society should think of him as a human being.

Previously, Pamela sparked dating rumors because she had visited embassies at which he had stayed. Interestingly, the star was also linked to Adil Rami, but she never denied or confirmed that she was dating Julian at any point.

On Good Morning Britain in 2017, Pamela said she and Julian were "very friendly" and she loves him a lot. The former model explained that it was quite difficult to know someone personally who is basically like a "prisoner."

As most know, Julian Assange is the editor of WikiLeaks. He's an Australian computer programmer who came to prominence due to his association with the organization. WikiLeaks has been involved in several high profile cases over the years, many of which were fueled because of the website's controversial content.

Assange founded WikiLeaks all the way back in 2006 but came to international fame in 2010 when he published a series of leaks from Chelsea Manning.

After the information got out into the public, the United States government launched a criminal investigation against Julian and his organization, suggesting they were involved in illegal activities. They also asked other nations for help.

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