Pamela Anderson Feels 'Betrayed' After Jon Peters Accuses Her Of Using Him To Pay Her $200K Debt

Pamela Anderson Feels 'Betrayed' After Jon Peters Accuses Her Of Using Him To Pay Her $200K Debt
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Pamela Anderson took to social media this week to tell her fans that she feels “betrayed” after Jon Peters accused her of using him to pay off her debts. Anderson and Peters tied the knot on January 20th, but split just 12 days later.

Peters sent an email to Page Six earlier this week after the outlet published a story about his failed marriage to Anderson. In the article, an insider claimed that Anderson knew she had made a mistake just one day after marrying Peters, and the source also accused Peters of being too controlling.

The 74-year-old Hollywood producer said that “everything she told you was a lie,” and he called himself an “old fool” for shelling out more than $200K for Anderson’s debts and buying her a new wardrobe.

Peters also said that the former Baywatch star was “broke,” and he attached copies of the text messages he sent to Anderson explaining why he wanted to re-evaluate their marriage.

“This whole marriage thing … has scared me,” Peters wrote in his text to Anderson. “It made me see that at 74 I need a simple quiet life and not an international love affair. Therefore, I think the best thing we can do is that I'm going to go away for a couple of days and maybe you need to go back up to Canada.”

In response, Anderson posted a message on Twitter, and revealed that she feels “betrayed” after the failed union.

“We are all getting our share in this crazy world. As long as we are wrestling we are alive. As long as we recognize insanity we are sane,” wrote the 52-year-old. “It is better to be betrayed than not to trust, better to be disappointed than not to love.”

She went on to tell her 1.1 million followers that they should never run from pain, and should instead face it and allow it to pass. If they do that, says Anderson, then everyone will have grown to the next level.

In his email, Peters said that he welcomed Anderson into his life with open arms and love, and added that he has looked after Anderson for many years. The couple briefly dated 30 years ago, and Peters said that Anderson texted him in January and asked him to marry her.

The A Star Is Born producer explained that when Anderson texted him and proposed, it was a “dream come true,” even though he was engaged to someone else. Peters said he dropped everything for Anderson, and she had nearly $200K in debts and no way to pay the bills.

A representative for Anderson says that Peters claims are “ludicrous.”

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters never filed the paperwork to make their marriage legal, so they were able to go their separate ways without an annulment or divorce.

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