P. Diddy Involved In Aggressive Superbowl Weekend Scuffle Near Magic City

P. Diddy Involved In Aggressive Superbowl Weekend Scuffle Near Magic City
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According to a report from BET.com, P. Diddy spent the other night partying it up in Atlanta's Magic City strip club following the announcement that he has started dating again as a single man. The Bad Boy Records CEO was apparently hanging around that area for Super Bowl weekend when he made a stop at one of hip-hop's most popular night spots.

When P. Diddy was leaving the venue, he inevitably ran into some fans who were far too overzealous. The New York hip-hop mogul sparked an intense reaction with one of the fans and the video was obtained by TMZ.

In the video obtained by the publication, Diddy is around a few rowdy fans as well as his security crew who definitely had their hands full that night. In the clip, he said, "you ain't gonna guilt me," reports BET.com. Then on, Diddy raises a big wad of cash in the person's face.

According to the outlet, the star solved, or at least tried to solve the situation, by handing out a big amount of cash. He reportedly said to the fan, "here, you take this money!" Puff said to the fans, "Everybody eats," after handing out money to people in the place.

P. Diddy, when probed by somebody in the media, apparently said, "ain't nobody mad, this is love! I'm feeding my people, baby." As most know, P. Diddy has become arguably one of the biggest figures in hip-hop other than Jay-Z and Kanye West.

This past month, however, Diddy suffered a loss when the mother of his children, passed away. Kim Porter reportedly died from pneumonia-related complications. Diddy or Sean Combs went to her funeral and delivered some somber words, including on his Instagram account.

Kim was with him from the beginning when he first started working with The Notorious BIG, who eventually became one of the most legendary hip-hop artists to date. He was shot and killed in a drive-by, unfortunately, and rumor has it that P. Diddy allegedly ordered the hit.

Eminem even called attention to this on his latest record, Kamikaze.

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