'Outlander' Stars Sophie Skelton And Richard Rankin Spill On Roger And Brianna's Future

'Outlander' Stars Sophie Skelton And Richard Rankin Spill On Roger And Brianna's Future
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Last week’s installment of Outlander left Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) in a tight spot. The episode, titled “The False Bride,” ended with the couple separating after getting into an intense argument about having sex before marriage.

While fans wonder about their future, Skelton and Rankin offered a few hints about what will become of Brianna and Roger’s love life moving forward – and it is definitely good news.

The episode spent a lot of time exploring Brianna and Roger’s romance in the 1960s. The two appeared to grow closer after attending a Scottish festival, but their relationship hit a speed bump when Brianna asked Roger if he wanted to spend the night with her.

Roger suggested they wait until they get married to have sex, which did not go over well. Roger’s rejection visibly hurt Brianna, and the episode ended with them parting ways.

In an interview with Vulture , Skelton and Rankin opened up about the romance and revealed how it will unfold over the next few seasons. Skelton admitted that it has been difficult portraying her character because she knows how much she develops over time.

Rankin agreed with Skelton and added that fans will become more invested in the characters as the story progresses. Although Brianna and Roger are going through a rough period at the moment, it is good to know that things will eventually work out.

“As a book reader, you understand that they will be principal characters in the story,” Rankin explained. “It’s something we are aware of, as these characters transition into the show.”

Roger and Brianna’s romance will develop quickly over the course of Season 4. In fact, Skelton promised that fans will be rooting for them by the end of the season, which definitely bodes well for their future together.

Of course, one of Brianna’s biggest storylines this season is her upcoming reunion with Jamie (Sam Heughan), but that is another story altogether.

New episodes of Outlander air Sunday nights on Starz.


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  • Monique
    Monique Nov 26, 2018 4:45 PM PST

    You can't actually call it a "reunion" between Jamie and Brianna. Father and daughter have never actually met in the storyline at this point. Calling it an introduction might be a bit more accurate.

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