Outlander Star Sophie Skelton Says There Are Tough Times Ahead For Brianna And Roger In Season 5

Outlander Star Sophie Skelton Says There Are Tough Times Ahead For Brianna And Roger In Season 5
Credit: Source: Starz

When Season 4 of Outlander ended, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) were in a good place. Not only had the couple reunited, but Roger was also willing to accept Brianna’s baby as his own. However, Skelton says that she has a feeling that Roger and Brianna won’t be living happily ever after.

“I have a feeling there will be some difficulties, but obviously we don’t know any of that yet,” Skelton recently told TVLine.

When Roger and Brianna first separated, they had a huge fight because Roger saw a death notice for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and didn’t tell Brianna. This is something the couple hasn’t addressed, but Skelton says they can’t ignore it.

“They haven’t really sat down and had any conversations yet,” Skelton said. “They left on a big fight, and they haven’t even talked that out, and now they’ve got a baby to think of, too… They could put everything that happened aside, or it could complicate things and make things harder.”

Skelton also talked about the scene in the Season 4 finale where Brianna gives birth to her son. The actress said that she had never been part of a birth (apart from her own), and she revealed that she did some weird Google searches to find out the sounds women make during childbirth so she could nail the scene.

She says that instead of screaming, she discovered that women make “low, animalistic” sounds that are “quite awful to hear.” Skelton added that she had to sit on a chair, but was propped up, so all of her weight was in her hands.

In the end, Skelton says the scene was fun to film, and there was a lot of sweating and screaming, plus a very red face. Now, she calls herself a “professional fake-birth-giver.”

The Outlander cast is already filming season 5, but they aren’t revealing too many details. However, executive producer Toni Graphia has said that the new dynamic in the Fraser family will be causing some growing pains.

With the arrival of Brianna’s baby, Claire is now torn between her husband and her daughter, says Graphia. Claire has lived with Brianna for 20 years, and that is longer than she has been with Jamie. So, Season 5 will bring new issues inside the family, not to mention the political divisions from the looming Revolutionary War.

Starz has not yet announced a premiere date for Season 5 of Outlander .


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