Outlander Star Richard Rankin Takes To Twitter To Answer Fans And Talk About That Episode 10 Cliffhanger

Outlander Star Richard Rankin Takes To Twitter To Answer Fans And Talk About That Episode 10 Cliffhanger
Credit: Source: Starz

Roger found himself at a bit of a crossroads at the end of this week’s episode of Outlander . After being dragged through the woods by a group of Mohawk Native Americans, Roger (Richard Rankin) escaped his captors only to stumble upon a standing stone that could bring him home safely.

The episode ended with Roger pondering his choices: either stay in the 18th century and get back with Brianna (Sophie Skelton) or leave her behind and save his own skin.

Although we will have to wait for the next episode to discover what happens, Rankin recently offered his opinion about the episode 10 cliffhanger – and it is not what most fans probably want to hear.

“I want to be romantic and say I’d stay and find the woman I loved,” Rankin shared. “But… Shit… I’m being chased through country I don’t know by Mohawk. Armed Mohawk. Who are in a bad mood with me. I’m going back through the stones.”

Roger got himself into the situation after Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), his new father-in-law, mistook him for Brianna’s rapist and beat him to a bloody pulp. Jamie then sold Roger to the Mohawks, who gladly took him as a prisoner.

We could hardly blame Roger if he chooses to travel back to the 1960s . After all, there is no telling what the Mohawks will do to him once they track him down. If he does choose to stay, there is also no guarantee that Brianna will take him back, especially given how they are both so strong willed.

According to Carter Matt , Rankin talked about his character’s stubbornness during a recent Q&A on Twitter . The Outlander star admitted that Roger’s judgmental attitude is a major turnoff and that he can be quite polarizing as a character.

Although Roger has his flaws, Rankin assured fans that his heart is usually in the right place and described him as being a genuinely good guy.

Whether or not that means he stays behind for Brianna is yet to be seen.

New episodes of Outlander , which is only a few weeks away from the Season 4 finale, air Sunday nights on Starz.


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