Outlander Bosses Respond To Backlash About The Lack Of Steamy Scenes For Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe In Season 4

Outlander Bosses Respond To Backlash About The Lack Of Steamy Scenes For Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe In Season 4
Credit: Source: Starz

Season 4 of Outlander was all about Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) settling in colonial America and beginning new lives together. But between reuniting with Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and rescuing her husband from Native Americans, there wasn't much room for romance for the lead characters.

The lack of steamy scenes was not lost on Outlander fans, many of whom voiced their disappointment on social media. In response to the outcry, Outlander executive producer Maril Davis opened up about the absence of sex this season and why there wasn't as much as they originally planned.

"We've always talked about the sex scenes — we love them, too — but they have to be organic to the story. Sometimes that story, or the network or the studio, don't allow for those slow down times," Davis explained.

Davis' explanation is spot on. Apart from some moments in the first few episodes, there were too many things going on for the series to slow down and allow Jamie and Claire some intimate scenes.

Not only was there plenty of drama with Brianna and Roger (Richard Rankin) showing up, but they also had to deal with the return of John Grey (David Berry) and the arrival of Stephen Bonnett (Ed Speleers).

Fortunately, the lack of love scenes will not carry over to next season. According to TV Guide , things will slow down enough in Season 5 for Jamie and Claire to share plenty of intimate scenes together. After all, the couple rescued Roger at the end of last season and have made a home on their land.

Davis confirmed that Season 5 will bring back more steamy sessions between Jamie and Claire. She also revealed that she considers herself a fan of the show and was also disappointed by the absence of love last season. As long as the pace of the story doesn't get too crazy, it sounds like we will get all the love we want next season.

Pre-production for Season 5 of Outlander is currently underway. Starz, which renewed the series for two more seasons, has not announced when the show will be returning.


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  • Caro
    Caro Mar 19, 2019 8:20 PM PDT

    Reading the books again, loved them all , the characters speak to the reader, they tell the story, love the relationships, the chemistry and the love between the main characters, the show had all this in Season one , two and most of three, but Season four, we had to watch Roger wandering through forests seemed like episodes in end, and I honestly thought they would have to send out a search party for the main characters because they were sadly missing, and when they were on screen, folded arms, scowling and definite lack of chemistry, I understand relationships change, dynamics change but the story doesn’t , if Catriona Balfe isn’t comfortable with the love scenes replace her, continuing with this watered down version will only loose fans, Diane Gabldon deserves more respect than the show is giving, and now we are told the “stars” will be producers, to placate disgruntled fans, how can this help, maybe bring back the writers from the early seasons to get the show back on track. SAm Heughan is an amazing actor but he is not given the character to portray in the book, he is not being challenged in any way by the storyline’s, yet in the books he is funny, loving and passionate, in season four he was vilified unjustly and let’s not forget the missing delivery scene, wow , what a mistake, it’s what the character deserved, missing the growing up of his daughter and son Willy, And missing the opportunity to bond with his daughter and Jemmy, its not about steamy love scenes it’s about a love story than transcends time and place. Looking forward to Season Five/six,

  • Deborah
    Deborah Mar 5, 2019 4:51 PM PST

    I agree with the previous comments. This was something that should have been impossible to mess up, and they messed it up royally this season. No humor, the actors acted like they hate each other, flat emotions, endless episodes where the characters were wandering, or feeding animals, or doing totally uninteresting things, etc. If they had left out the parts that were totally manufactured by the writers, who I agree don't seem to have read the books, they could have put in the relationship parts, and that includes the birth scene with Claire delivering the baby and Jamie being present. I agree that the dry humping was embarrassing to watch, and in one of those scenes they didn't even have the right parts anywhere close. The attitude was "Let's get this over with." I didn't read the books for a history lesson, and I don't expect one when I watch the series. History swirls around them, but the main focus is the Jamie/Claire relationship. I didn't want to be preached to about slavery, or American Indians, and I don't want to see Super Claire save the day. I want to see the Highland warrior Jamie and his love for Claire, not the emasculated version of Jamie we got this season. I own the first three seasons, but I probably won't ever waste my time watching this season ever again.

  • Kathy Maher
    Kathy Maher Mar 4, 2019 9:08 PM PST

    Did you ever hear the saying "Too Many cooks spoil the Soup?" Well in Outlanders case, Too Many Different Writers spoil the Adaptation!! Not enough writers have read the Books, making up stuff to create drama....what a waste! Bring back S1 writers, Please!! Not enough Jamie & Claire Scenes, not just Sex, but meaningful Dialog & Romantic Talk they share made the Show so appealing in prior seasons. The other thing that's sorely missing is the Humor! Jamie's Got a Fabulous sense of humor & frequently lightens serious & passionate moments while Tickling Claire, (who can be very serious at times). Romance, Fun & Humor need to be brought back to make Outlander the Show it used to be with writers who have read the Books so they can Capture the Essence of J & C the Way DG Wrote Them.

  • Shirley Chance
    Shirley Chance Mar 4, 2019 7:47 AM PST

    Outlander is certainly the most popular show on TV to date. Fell in love with the show from the commercials alone. Have followed it ever since, but this last season seemed to be rushed trying to fit in way too much and nothing was getting the full attention it deserved. I started watching the show because of Jamie and Claire and would like to continue seeing how their life progresses and the love they share for each other. Bringing her daughter into the show has taken away from the reason that I started watching the show and I felt very disappointed by season 4. I hope the producers will return 2 what made the show great to begin with. The love affair of Jamie and Claire is what drew me in and I would like to see it go back to the same premise. Last season the show seemed to end very quickly as opposed to when it first started. By cutting back on the show you did not give each episode the attention it deserved. Way too much jumping around to different situations that I was not interested in. Sorry, I do love Outlander, but I did lose interest in it this last season, which made me feel a bit sad. I hope season 5 and 6 will be better so the show will continue on for the next few years past season 6.

  • Sally
    Sally Mar 4, 2019 5:41 AM PST

    Steamy scenes can be organic to the story if the script is written to fit them in. Clearly Outlander has lost it´s essence. The secret of the success of this story is the perfect balance between the main characters and the rest comes way behind. So far and since the second part of S3 the show is not an adaptation of the books. it´s a different story. the main characters are unrecognizable, Jamie behaves like a silly puppy, with no determination or opinion, who allows to be treated as an idiot. I wonder how was he able to survive without Dr.Randall-super-woman all these years. It seems that he cant do anathing without her savingthe day.....and Claire is a know-it-all, selfish, annoyed woman that I dont understand why she doesnt go back to the XXth century if she hates pretty much everything about her "new" time. She doesn´t even seem to love her husband anymore and treats him as a child, with the patronizing and condescending attitude. S1 was fabulous, with changes from the books but it captured the book perfectly, S2 was fantastic too, with lots of changes but still, the essence of the main characters was there, their feelings, their opinions, themselves, S3 was a mess, and it really looked like as if the production HAD to get some ROI for moving the production to SA and the boats and they gave us the most boring episodes, one the longest trek pn tv history and some of the silliest and more unrealistic episodes ever. the drilling left me speechless and not in a good way. S4 was not as bad but it was flat, lacked emotion, feelings, direction and basically DOA wasn´t there, J and C were missing and the strange couple with the same names on our screens behaved as an odd couple who didnt really liked eachother. Many people on SM started to say the lead actors had to have some sort of clause in their contracts to not touch eachother...for personal reasons. I really dont know if this is true but it really felt like it. The dry humping was silly and ridicuolus and their relationship felt awkard and cold. The network and production shouldn´t be surprised by the fans reactions and the not so great ratings.... very very disappointing season, especially knowing how loved DOA is. DOA is not a transition book, is one of the most beloved books on the series and they screwed it up. No droughtlander for me since OL doesn´t exist since S3 first part of ep6.

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