Otep Shamaya Mourns With New Zealand After Horrific Terror Attack 'My Heart Is With You'

Otep Shamaya Mourns With New Zealand After Horrific Terror Attack 'My Heart Is With You'
Credit: Source: Otep/Victory Records

Heavy metal frontwoman Otep Shamaya has revealed her grief regarding the New Zealand terrorist attack. Known for her outspoken views against the Donald Trump administration she joins many who condemn the alt-right message espoused by the alleged shooter in what is New Zealand's worst terror attack in history. The death toll is currently at 49 with dozens more injured.

The attacks were executed on two mosques in Christchurch while Muslims worshipped in prayer.

Otep Shamaya is an activist who is outspoken on social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram. Otep shared the following on Instagram.

💔  #NewZealand  ☪️ Forty. Nine. People. In prayer. Massacred. Women, children & men. 49 ppl dead in a matter of seconds. Scores more shot & wounded. By two cowards; two guns. Radical right-wing white supremacist terrorists 🦠 A festering neglected infection that now demands our full attention 🏴 The strong must rise. The strong must unify. The strong must crush these feculent cowards to dust 🖤  #whatunitesusignitesus  ✊🏽  #OTEP

You may see Otep's Instagram post below.

Otep also shared her sympathy and compassion on Twitter. The news about the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque terroristic attack has left the nation in mourning. As the victims were Muslims worshipping in prayer, and many who were refugees to the country, the conversation has focused on the alt-right movement, fascism, and Islamaphobia.

Europe has seen a sweeping move of Muslim immigration and there are many who do not want to see their countries change or experience Islamic culture in their countries

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern made it clear that Muslim refugees and immigrants are welcome in New Zealand and she showed her solidarity with the Muslim community.

There will be more from Otep as she continues to weigh in on the impact that white nationalism has on marginalized communities. She has addressed the alt-right in much of her music including her latest album Kult 45 that focuses on President Donald Trump's administration.

The alleged shooter played a peculiar soundtrack in his vehicle as he drove up to the mosque, then returned to his vehicle following the shooting. Before he set off on his horrific act of terror, he told followers to subscribe to the YouTuber PewDiePie . Now, people are calling for PewDiePie's cancelation as they say his message has inspired terrorism.

Stay tuned as Otep Shamaya weighs in on the impact those in the alt-right with public platforms has on listeners susceptible to messages of hate.


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