Orlando Bloom Reveals He Was Celibate For Six Months Before He Started Dating Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom Reveals He Was Celibate For Six Months Before He Started Dating Katy Perry
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Orlando Bloom has revealed in a new interview that he abstained from sex for six months before he met Katy Perry, to whom he is now engaged. The couple has postponed their wedding due to coronavirus, but they are expecting their first child together this summer.

While speaking to The Sunday Times , Bloom explained that he wasn’t happy before he met Perry, and his friend Laird Hamilton advised him that if he wanted to be serious about a relationship, he should go celibate for a few months and “figure it out.”

“It takes away the idea of going to a party and thinking, ‘Who am I going to meet?’ I was suddenly like, ‘Oh, I can have a relationship with a woman that is just friends,’” explained the 43-year-old Pirates of the Carribean star.

Bloom said that originally he was only going to go celibate for three months, but then he started to enjoy the way he was relating to women, and to the feminine within himself.

“I know that sounds crazy,” admitted Bloom.

Earlier in the interview, Bloom shared his belief that porn is super disruptive to your sex life and libido. He also admitted that he didn’t just abstain from sex, but also from masturbation.

“Completely nothing. It was insane,” he said. “I don’t think it’s healthy. I don’t think it was advisable. You have to keep it moving down there.”

Bloom and Perry had “crossed paths” before they ran into each other at a January 2016 Golden Globes party, but he says that was the first time they “actually hung out and connected.” Over the next three years, Bloom and Perry dated on and off before he proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

Bloom described Perry as “very surprising,” and added that she is witty, smart, and intelligent. He also said she was charismatic, but direct, which was a dynamic he found intriguing. Bloom was previously married to Miranda Kerr, and they share a nine-year-old son named Flynn.

Orlando Bloom announced earlier this week that he was self-quarantining because of his concerns about the coronavirus after filming Season 2 of Amazon’s Carnival Row overseas in Prague. He didn’t indicate that he had the disease or was showing symptoms, and it appears to be just a precautionary measure.

"We’re coming home to the States, at least I’m coming home to the States, because we want to get in before the quarantine," said the Brit. "Big love everybody, stay safe out there! Self-quarantine. It seems really crazy actually this whole corona thing, but do the right thing by you and your family and stay safe."

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