Orlando Bloom Opens Up About Katy Perry Split And Paparazzi!

Orlando Bloom Opens Up About Katy Perry Split And Paparazzi!
Source: EOnline.com

Last year, Orlando Bloom was photographed by paparazzi while paddle boarding naked. Even though the images were plastered all over the internet, Bloom has proven to be resilient and light-hearted about the ordeal.

Shortly after the pictures were released, Orlando jokingly posted an Instagram video showing himself running on a pier captioning the photo with, "when you are chasing down the guy who stole your swimming trunks."

The Pirates Of The Carribean  star had no intentions of having his pictures all over the internet. The actor revealed to E News it was "extremely surprising" to know the media had knowledge of his whereabouts.

The actor said that him and Katy Perry were on vacation for five days with absolutely nothing around them. He thought there was no one around and no one could get a thing from them.

He remarked, "I had a moment of feeling free."

"What can I tell you?" Bloom said. "Note to self: You're never free. Ha!"

The  Lord Of The Rings  star was candid about his relationship with Perry for the first time.

He insisted the pair are still friends and they're all grown up now.

Orlando said, "she happens to be someone who is very visible but I don't think anybody cares about what I'm up to."

It's a lesson for the kids out there that break-ups never need to be messy! Apparently, he learned the lesson from his ex-wife.

Orlando has a child with supermodel Miranda Kerr. The infamous Victoria's Secret Model had a baby with the 40-year-old actor 6 years ago.

He explained, "with Miranda, there was a sense that I don't want my son to go back through the internet where people made up lies," referring to their tumultuous breakup in 2013. Apparently, Bloom and Kerr have a great relationship and they co-parent without much trouble.

Kerr is planning to marry Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. The couple announced their engagement by Instagram with special filters and emojis; a way of communicating that Bloom isn't too familiar with yet.

Orlando expressed a little bit of worry about future generations.

He remarked, "what happens to my son? How is he going to have a real relationship," referring to the way everyone experiences life through their phones nowadays.

Disconnecting from the world every once in awhile is pretty important to the actor.


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