Oprah's Mother, Vernita Lee Passed Away At 83 Years Old

Oprah's Mother, Vernita Lee Passed Away At 83 Years Old
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The latest reports bring very sad news. It seems like Oprah's mom passed away at the age of 83. The Shade Room brings this unfortunate news which was also announced by TMZ.

TSR writes 'let’s keep Oprah and her family in our prayers as we have learned that her mother, Vernita Lee has passed away. Vernita was 83. According to TMZ, Oprah’s niece, Alisha Hayes says Vernita passed on Thanksgiving. We hear a private funeral service has already been held. Cause of death has not yet been released.'

TSR's followers were in complete shock and they flooded the comments section of the Instagram post with kind wishes and prayers for her family and friends.

Some followers were asking why Oprah didn't introduce her mom to the public more often, and the answer seems to be that she was reportedly not that close to her.

Someone commented 'Death always occurs around the holidays towards the end of the year god bless y’all ??❤️'

Someone else said 'Her mom was not very kind to her, I'm sure Oprah forgave her and honored her life and in her death as well but I don't think they were that close. May she rest in peace.'

Another follower posted '..she did pass on Thanksgiving...back in the day of the Romans (which is what the industry go by) thanksgiving was a time you would put an offering on the statue of a god. Sooooooo who knows.'

One commenter also said that Oprah was not very close to her mother: 'she wasn’t that close to her. She once said that her father is her all and she and her mom (at that time) working on their relationship.'

We are keeping Oprah and her family lifted in prayer during this time. Our thoughts go to them. Rest in Peace, Vernita.

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