Oprah’s Estranged Father To Write Bombshell Tell-All Book About Her!

Oprah’s Estranged Father To Write Bombshell Tell-All Book About Her!
Source: thesource.com

Oprah Winfrey’s estranged dad may be ready to tell the world his point of view on the famous host and it looks like Oprah is not so happy about it.

According to reports, the father is currently writing a bombshell memoir that is going to reveal a lot of things about the talk-show personality fans never knew.

Sources close to Vernon Winfrey have claimed that the upcoming book may include details about Oprah’s struggle with her weight.

All in all, it’s definitely going to be a portrayal of his daughter that only he can make as a parent.

“In private, Vernon talks about the REAL Oprah, as he knows her,” the insider revealed.

Of course, it is no surprise that Vernon could have a surprising story to tell about Oprah because after all, people tend to be different in front of the cameras as opposed to their behind the scenes, real lives.

“Now he’s ready to lift the lid on the real story behind the family’s public image!”

Now, the father, who still works as a barber in Nashville despite his old age is ready to tell-all on how Oprah used her weight-loss struggle in order to cash in while acting as an inspiration for her fans.

Vernon noted how his “yo-yo” dieter daughter faced backlash after buying a stake in Weight Watchers and publicly touting its program.

Insiders claim that his point of view on her strategy reflects those of many other people who believe that “She’s reinvented herself every five years — fat to thin to fat. It has made her millions.”

Are you excited to find out the juicy behind the scenes details from Oprah’s father or are you siding with the iconic talk show host?

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  • Bethena Thomas
    Bethena Thomas Apr 14, 2017 2:47 PM PDT

    I don't care anything about what Oprah estranged father have to say about her. She has been a wonderful daughter to him. Now why would he start this.

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