Oprah Winfrey Claims Russell Simmons Tried To 'Pressure' Her Out Of Making Misconduct Documentary

Oprah Winfrey Claims Russell Simmons Tried To 'Pressure' Her Out Of Making Misconduct Documentary
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Oprah Winfrey recently bailed from her executive producer position on a new documentary detailing and exploring the sexual misconduct allegations against the Def Jam Recordings co-founder, Russell Simmons.

Reportedly, Oprah departed from the position due to a conflict in vision, rather than the pressure she was feeling from Russell Simmons. Oprah wanted to make that clear, a new report from Fox News revealed. As it was previously reported, last week, Oprah revealed she was moving away from On The Record.

Moreover, Oprah shared that it wouldn't appear on Apple's streaming service either. Following her departure announcement earlier this month, Oprah revealed additional information on her interactions with Simmons, including his purported attempt to thwart the release of the project.

Winfrey, through her spokesperson on Saturday, said to reporters from Fox News that Russell did reach out to her on a number of occasions to try and stop her from releasing the documentary. However, her rep argued that Oprah didn't back out due to Russell, but from inconsistencies of the story from one of the accusers, Drew Dixon.

Even though she chose to back out of the project, Winfrey states she still emphatically supports women and their stories. Furthermore, Oprah felt it was a bad decision to screen the film at the Sundance Film Festival on the 25th of January, simply because she felt the film wasn't ready.

As it was previously reported, Winfrey announced she was leaving the project, directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, in a statement last week. She made it known that she always will support women and still does, but she had to cancel her involvement in the documentary due to a conflict in vision and also the failure to show exactly what happened.

Dixon is just one of the accusers who claim the 62-year-old entertainment industry mogul raped her. Russell was accused of sexual misconduct by many different women, three of which accused him of rape in 2017.

Russell Simmons and 50 Cent also addressed the news of the allegation , with Russell denying the allegations as usual, and 50 Cent accusing her of going specifically and unfairly after black men.

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