Oprah On Donald Trump’s America: “We Live In A World That Is All About Fear-Based Leadership”

Oprah On Donald Trump’s America: “We Live In A World That Is All About Fear-Based Leadership”
Source: politicalsitenews.com

Oprah recently hosted OWN’s third annual “SuperSoul Sessions” speaker series at UCLA, where inspirational leaders like Tony Robbins and Glennon Doyle Melton talked in front of the live audience about various topics of great importance in our society nowadays, including politics and Donald Trump!

Oprah sat down and held a discussion with Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukav, directing the conversation towards the status of today’s politics.

“We all know how polarized we are in the world today,” she said. “It seems like it’s just accepted, the more divided we are than ever.”

Zukav agreed, adding that the current administration is encouraging hate crimes, division, and fear.

Oprah made the observation that we may live in a world that is all about fear-based leadership and that is definitely not a good approach at governing a democratic nation.

From her point of view, the fear is just going to create more and more fear until the point where even our unalienable right to free speech is going to be stepped on unless we as people come together and fight the system together.

At this point, a voice from the audience shouts: “Oprah for president!” followed by thundering applause from the crowd.

Oprah simply smiled but said “No, thank you,” over the cheers.

The Q&A style interview went on much longer and the host and Zukav talked about many other branches of this topic, going deeper into the idea of fear existing in governance as well as the author’s idea of how “authentic power” can win against the pursuit of external power that has led to today’s violence and destruction.

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