Online Petition Urges For Amber Heard's Firing As Ambassador For L'Oréal

Online Petition Urges For Amber Heard's Firing As Ambassador For L'Oréal
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Reported first by the New York Post, it turns out that perception of Amber Heard has shifted dramatically over the last few months following the news of the leaked audio in which she admits to hitting Johnny Depp and not being able to control her emotions.

The publication recently reported that thousands of people online have signed a petition asking for her removal as L'Oréal's spokesperson. One campaign on Change's website asks for Amber to be removed from her position as a global ambassador, while also referring to her as a "liar and an abuser."

Thus far, the petition has garnered over 5,00 signatures, making it over half-way to its goal of 7,500 signatures. Another campaign has started as well and has 4,300 signatures, just 700 short of its goal. Federica P, one of the campaign's creators, stated that people started to take an interest after the L'Oréal ad during the Oscars.

Hillary Deanna, another campaign creator, stated that Amber has for years described herself as a victim of domestic abuse, accusing Johnny Depp of abusing her and treating her terribly. But it turns out that she might be just as much to blame.

Social media users have suggested repeatedly in recent months that the Heard-Depp affair might've been the other way around. The Daily Mail was the first to report on the recordings that were leaked back in January of this year. Amber says in the clip that she never actually punched Johnny, but only "hit him."

Additionally, the actress says to the actor in the clip that he was acting like "such a baby," while also telling him to "grow the f*ck up." Last year, Heard accused Johnny of abuse in a lawsuit, stating that the actor would regularly abuse, choke, and hit her.

They filed for divorce back in May of 2016. In response to the allegations, specifically, when Amber wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post in which she accused him of abuse, Johnny filed a $50 million lawsuit against her for defamation.

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