One Love Manchester Brings Big Names And 50,000 People Together To Raise $2.6 Million For Victims

One Love Manchester Brings Big Names And 50,000 People Together To Raise $2.6 Million For Victims
Source: Billboard

An audience of about 50,000 overcame fear and hate and attended Ariana Grande’s benefit concert on Sunday in Manchester.

Katy Perry managed to sum up what was the show is all about. The 32-years old singer asked attendees of the One Love Manchester concert to defeat their fears and prejudices and to reach out and touch the one next to them.

Perry added that is not easy to choose love in difficult moments like this, but this feeling conquers fear and hate.

The benefit show managed to raise $2.6 million for those affected by the Manchester bombing, which claimed 22 lives on May 22 and brought to stage numerous big names.

Ariana Grande captivated the audience, alongside her boyfriend Mac Miller, her friend Miley Cyrus, a local children’s choir, and the Black Eyed Peas, and even re-released her romantic ballad 'One Last Time' as a charity single.

Liam Gallagher of Oasis joined forces with Coldplay to sing 'Live Forever,' while another star that promoted peace was Justin Bieber.

The Canadian singer played his hit 'Love Yourself' and opened up a scene that has gone viral - security guards danced and held hands with the teenage and young audience.

This gathering of stars demonstrated that the music industry is always ready to support love and peace, a statement of union for all the fans out there.

Although there were many big names on stage, Grande was the one who made the most compelling presence of the night. She visited the victims of the attack and promised huge support, saying that compassion, kindness, love, strength is the right answer to what happened on May 22.


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