One Day At A Time Stars And Fans React To Heartbreaking Cancelation

One Day At A Time Stars And Fans React To Heartbreaking Cancelation
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Fans are not happy with Netflix's decision to cancel One Day At A Time . Showrunners Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Kellett just confirmed the heartbreaking cancellation on social media and promised to explore other avenues where the show may live on.

The show, which starred Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, and Isabella Gomez, centered on the story of a Cuban-American family and was critically praised for its inclusion of LGBTQ and Latino characters.

The series also garnered acclaim for how it dealt with its main character, Penelope Alvarez (Machado), a veteran with PTSD who is raising her children all by herself.

Following an outpouring of support on social media, the stars of the show offered their thoughts about the cancellation. Kellett shared a heartfelt note praising the creators for all of their hard work while Norman Lear, who created the original One Day at a Time series in the 1970s, thanked everyone on the show and asked for a better explanation from Netflix.

"I wish I could understand Netflix’s decision to not pick us up for a fourth [season]," he shared. "Is there really so little room in business for love and laughter?"

We can only hope that the creators of the series can find a new home fast. In the meantime, several cast members have already expressed their farewells on Twitter . According to Entertainment Weekly , several fans have already launched a campaign to get the series picked up on a different network.

Considering how these campaigns have worked in the past, like when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was renewed after Fox canceled it, there is a chance that we haven't seen the last of One Day at a Time .

In addition to the fans, several critics have also spoken out against Netflix's decision to cancel the series, calling it one of their biggest failures in recent years. The show, which was actually a Sony produced series, lasted three seasons on the streaming service.

Netflix has not commented on the fan outcry following the cancellation of One Day At A Time .

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