On A Yacht, The Singer Britney Spears Seemed To Be Having The Time Of Her Life

On A Yacht, The Singer Britney Spears Seemed To Be Having The Time Of Her Life
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The 40-year-old "Toxic" singer shared a new video clip on Instagram showing her having the time of her life in a bikini on a boat. BE SENSIBLE NOW!!! NO WAY, KEEP AWAKE! Oh, and here's my ass," she jokingly captioned the video she posted of herself topless in the sun.

With her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, Spears looked stunning in a vivid yellow bikini with hot pink trim. Later, she switched into a broad hat, blue sneakers, and tortoise sunglasses while she danced to Naka's "Sauce."

The controversy between Spears and Jayden James, ex-Kevin Federline's 15-year-old son, has intensified after she reacted to his most recent charges publicly.

In response to her youngest son's interview on 60 Minutes Australia, in which he expressed a desire to rejoin her in the future when she improves emotionally, the pop artist shared a voice note. I will pray for her, Jayden, in prayers that she gets much better, just as my entire family has always done. But for what, exactly? In the audio clip, we can hear her speaking.

She stated, "I continue going so I can repay off [my mother Lynne Spears' legal bills and her house," pointing out that Jayden's racist remarks were motivated by a worry that her financial commitments to him were about to come to an end.

Sean Preston, 16, and Federline's son, Federline, also participated in the 60 Minutes Australia interview. Do you guys want me to recover so I can keep paying your father $40,000 every month? Spears mentioned her ex in her voice memo.

Or is the fact that it will end in two years and you won't receive anything the reason you guys have decided to act blatantly offensive?

Jayden, who abstained from his mother's marriage to Sam Asghari in June, told celebrity interviewer Daphne Barak that he and his brother wished for their mother's recovery. Spears claimed that she actually required the couple's unwavering love and support.



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