Omarion writes diss track about ex Apryl Jones and she fires back

Omarion writes diss track about ex Apryl Jones and she fires back

Last summer, Omarion and Apryl Jones split just four months after having their second baby. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars are not on very good terms even now, and recently, Omarion decided to diss his former lover in his newest rap song called “Whatever.”

The lyrics read:

"I've been only single for four months/ I'm just tryna get my swag back/ Probably try to catch a few kids/ It's like I never let 'em ride back/ Torn apart, catch me, I'm on the run/ Told my BM she can have that/ Put that on my daughter and my son/ Every night I'm having flashbacks."

Not subtle at all.

"I must've did it to myself/ Look unfamiliar to myself/ You don't remember what you did/ I can do that all by myself/ I had to put this sh*t on record/ I'm probably better by myself/ I had to put this sh*t on record/ Just so you could get the message."

Apryl did not just take the diss and decided to fire back on Twitter, writing:

“Full of Shit people rub me the wrong way…lol they just do”

“As much as people drive you to be nasty…love..endure…let it drive you..motivate you..push you…and always be kind”

“Right now this music is empowering me to speak lol vibe with me”

She chose to ultimately keep her calm and be positive:

“Positive vibes and positive vibes only…”

During the next few days, the reality star decided to post more tweets but compared to Omarion’s straight forward song, her messages were more subtle and cryptic.

“Resorted back to the old ways…..”

“How can someone turn out to be so evil…omg”

“Call it what you want, I call it like I see it”

This is the only exchange of sass that happened since the instagram message Omarion posted just after their breakup in July.

"This is the only public statement I will make about a private matter. After this, I will not speak on or respond to any questions or comments on the matter. I thank everyone in advance for respecting my wishes to keep my family life private… The beautiful and talented mother of my children for whom I hold the highest regard and respect, Apryl Jones, and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. We continue to love and support one another and still share a common goal to remain friends while being great parents to our children."

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