'Power' Star Is Branded Delusional For Sharing This Video After The Death Of Chadwick Boseman

'Power' Star Is Branded Delusional For Sharing This Video After The Death Of Chadwick Boseman
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Like millions of other people, Omari Hardwick took to social media to pay tribute to the late great Chadwick Boseman .

The Black Panther star died this week after battling colon cancer. Omari, who is famous for playing the role James "Ghost" St. Patrick on the hit show Power , made the odd decision to make the tribute about himself, his career, and his legacy.

Omari went as far as posting a video where he is giving an acceptance speech. He also promised Chadwick to carry on with the crown he left behind.

The actor wrote: "I didn't have enough time that fateful night to share what I whispered to you. So now, I will. But not before sharing what you said first. You said, "O, go claim that award that's had your name on it from the gate...from the moment I met you. I whispered back, "Thank you, Bose...for being the superhero I knew you were from the moment I met you." Then I quickly added...." we still gotta do that movie together!" You replied: "Bet."... I hear you whispering more than ever, my dearest brother of a Black Panther. One of my biggest honors was being one of your biggest competitors and an even bigger friend. You are HUGELY missed, but I got you next to me even more on the rest of this run. A wise man told me this morning..." In the Kingdom, no crown is wasted. When one man drops his crown, another man picks it up. Pick it up, O!"
From king Chadwick to king Hardwick... I will do just THAT, my brother. Rest in your glory. 🙏🏾🦅 👑"

One fan slammed him by saying: "Ummm, how did you manage to make Chadwick passing about you? You played a drug dealer, and Chadwick played some of the greatest inspirations for African-Americans. You can't even equate the two.🙄"

Another social media user claimed: "It's not a put-down. I am not negating Omari's talent. But who honors someone's death with an acceptance speech irrelevant to the deceased? Then goes on to say I'll take your place? I don't respect any of these 'opinions' feeling that's 'okay.' It is actually insensitive, and yall are allowing his starlight to blind you, but hey, welcome yalls new 'king' lol, lol."

This person stated: "Wow... equating a message you don't like to Chad's passing has convinced me people are right about your original message being too self-absorbed. Ain't ever looking at you the same tbh, not that you'll care, but damn, this was shocking to read and doesn't sit right at all."

A commenter called the star delusional and added: "I am so disgusted by this. He's a narcissist and sounds very much delusional/jealous. Who says my biggest honor was being your biggest competitor. Dude, you weren't even close to being his competitor on any level, especially acting.. those straight to DVD movies were a joke. Chadwick was an icon period."

A fifth comment read: "I had no idea who this man is, and neither did most people. Everyone knew who black panther was. You're beyond delusional. Something is seriously wrong with you."

Did Omari do something wrong?


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