Olympian Gus Kenworthy Coming To 'American Horror Story' Season 9 — Emma Roberts Returns

Olympian Gus Kenworthy Coming To 'American Horror Story' Season 9 — Emma Roberts Returns
Credit: Source: Gus Kenworthy/Instagram

Olympian Gus Kenworthy is coming to American Horror Story season 9, according to a recent Instagram post by Ryan Murphy. Not much is know about the season yet, but thanks to Ryan Murphy's post, we know that Emma Roberts will return as Gus Kenworthy will play her boyfriend.

American Horror Story was picked up for a ninth and tenth season, but after that, the show's future remains unclear. Though there are hints that FX may take the show for more seasons. Details regarding what's in store for Season nine are slowly leaking, yet even the official AHS IMDB page only lists Gus Kenworthy and Emma Roberts as appearing on the show.

The first revelation came straight from Ryan Murphy's social media and fans are following show creators' and cast members' social media accounts in order to get any trace of information they can.

Ryan Murphy posted a photo of the Olympic medalist with the following caption.

"That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on ‘American Horror Story’ Season 9."

You may see Ryan Murphy's Instagram Post below.

Though details are few and far between, fans have shown their support for Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy to play a couple on the show. American Horror Story returns in 2019, but exactly when also remains a mystery.

American Horror Story Season 8 was Apocalypse and introduced fans to actor Cody Fenn who played the grown-up baby/antichrist, Michael Langdon. The Season was different from past seasons as it truly brought back past characters from other seasons.

While Season 9's plot also remains shrouded in secrecy, fans have expressed hopes that it's a continuance of a storyline from Apocalypse .

During the early portion of Season 8, it appeared that Sara Paulson who played Ms. Wilhemina Venable / Cordelia Goode was from the future. There's plenty of talk from fans where they are hoping that Season 9 will be a futuristic/alien theme.

At this point, who will join the cast and what the season's storyline will be is anyone's guess. As Ryan Murphy is beginning to reveal information, stay tuned as he may continue to release details.

What do you think about Gus Kenworthy joining American Horror Story Season 9?


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