Olly Murs Confesses He Hasn’t Been Able To Forget Former Girlfriend Francesca Thomas!

Olly Murs Confesses He Hasn’t Been Able To Forget Former Girlfriend Francesca Thomas!
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Just over a year and a half ago, Olly Murs and his girlfriend at the time, Francesca Thomas broke up and many of the details took central stage following the split.

Although it’s been quite some time since they said goodbye to each other, the singer recently admitted that he hasn’t gotten over her and that his heart is “still broken.”

The 32 years old artist told his audience at the O2 Arena that his split has been “tough” and is still struggling to move on.

“It’s really tough going through a break up you know, we’ve all been through breakups, right? It’s not nice to have a broken heart, mine’s still broken.”

After performing his single, Grow Up, Murs started talking about the pretty blonde ex once again, proving that he’s thinking quite a lot about her lately – or maybe he never stopped thinking of her ever since they broke up. Either way, it’s obviously been difficult for him to move on.

“Maybe I do need to grow up, I think I do. When I was in my old relationship, my ex-relationship, I got told quite a few times I needed to grow up. I’m not perfect, I know I’m not perfect.”

Fortunately for his many fangirls, however, the artist stated that although he still has a few regrets regarding his last relationship, he is open to meeting “Mrs. Murs.”

While he was getting ready to sing I Need You Now, he stated that it was a song he stopped performing for a while because Francesca disliked it.

He wanted to make it clear that he was not so “shallow” as to break up with her because she didn’t like his song – that was not the reason at all!

Olly and Francesca dated for three years and their relationship ended in 2015 with many people being convinced they were over because of that one song of his she disliked.

However, Olly explained that the situation was a lot more complicated: "You get to the point in a relationship where you have to decide what that next commitment stage is. We were both quite career-driven, so..."

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