Olly Murs Caught On Date With Gorgeous Aspiring Pop Star Nadine Hermez! Is He Over His Ex?

Olly Murs Caught On Date With Gorgeous Aspiring Pop Star Nadine Hermez! Is He Over His Ex?
Source: capitalfm.com

Olly Murs has split from his long-term girlfriend Francesca Thomas, not too long ago.

However, despite the fact that he’s claimed he’s still not over the 2015 breakup, it looks like the singer is slowly moving on – with another singer!

According to new reports, the one who’s been helping the 33 years old artist to get over his heartbreak is the absolutely gorgeous aspiring star Nadine Hermez.

The couple was spotted recently enjoying a date night at JuJu's in London.

One eyewitness who happened to be there as well stated that the two looked friendly with each other and were seated in a more intimate area.

“Olly and Nadine were in a quiet corner and seemed very close.”

“Most of the time they had linked arms and Nadine was stroking Olly’s arm. He was also very touchy-feely with her. They definitely looked like a couple rather than two friends,” the source added.

Of course, we can’t blame him for being charmed by Nadine because the girl is a beauty.

Judging by her social media platforms, the brunette looks like anyone’s ideal girlfriend and is also not against posting sexy pics.


Their relationship is yet to be confirmed officially but judging by their romantic date night, it looks like Olly Murs has finally found someone to replace his former girlfriend, Francesca Thomas.

As fans may already know, the singer has recently revealed he still has feelings for his ex.

Olly Murs started his career as the runner-up on the X Factor back in 2009.

Is Nadine is the right girl for Olly? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below!

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