Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets

Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets
Credit: Vogue

Despite being one of Hollywood's most distinct beauties because of her stunning facial features, Olivia Wilde doesn't put too much stock in her appearance when it comes to her beauty routine. While so much of show business includes contoured faces and heavy eye makeup, Wilde completely opts out of the frills for her simple, everyday look.

She may have her flawless skin and bone structure to thank for the ability to slack when it comes to her beauty routine. Wilde is very upfront when she says she is basically the lazy girl's poster child for quick and easy beauty tricks.

Recently, she was being interviewed for Vogue and spoke about her super swift makeup hacks that cut into her primping time. Wilde doesn't really use brushes, she prefers to use her fingers. They're less high maintenance and they're always with her. So if she has to quickly pop into the restroom and wants a bit of eye color, she doesn't have to have a million different eyeshadow brushes on hand. The pads of her fingers work well enough for her.

Wilde saves the super glam for the red carpets, but for her day to day looks, she appreciates keeping things short, sweet and no fuss. She admits that she's always been inclined to simplicity when it comes to her beauty go tos, she's leaned even more into that inclination since becoming a mother. She claims that she's a mom, has a demanding job that often requires early call times, and is lazy. Overall, she'd rather not spend unnecessary time on her makeup.

She joked and said that actually, the main ingredient in her makeup routine is saliva. Now, before you get all grossed out, it's actually a very common thing. She dabs q-tips on her tongue to moisten them when she needs to clean up her eyeliner or lipstick. A nonfrilly way to fix any quick makeup mishaps. Makeup or facial wipes are obviously also an option but have to be on hand and lack the intrinsic convenience of the q-tip trick.

Either way, whether spending 5 minutes on her makeup or 40, Wilde's a complete knockout.

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