Olivia Wilde Has A Thanksgiving Message For Ivanka Trump

Olivia Wilde Has A Thanksgiving Message For Ivanka Trump
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On Thanksgiving Day, the actress, Olivia Wilde, is fighting for many of the DREAMers who live in the United States as illegal immigrants.

After Olivia realized the daughter of the POTUS was following her on the platform, she called for Ivanka's attention and hoped the 36-year-old would do something to aid those who live in the United States illegally.

During her social media post, Wilde asked the 36-year-old Trump heir to influence Donald's decision on the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals.

You can Wilde's post below:

Many of Olivia's followers, as well as other miscellaneous social media users, praised Wilde for her position on the illegal immigrant case.

According to reports, the DREAMers are a group of migrants who traveled to the United States illegally at a young age but were able to establish a life in the US. However, after the revocation of the DACA act, their status as residents and livelihood may be in jeopardy.

The DACA program was implemented by the administration led by Barack Obama. The bill was forced by the executive branch in 2012 and allowed for undocumented immigrants to work, study, and get a license to drive a car.

Furthermore, the law was to protect them from deportation. Since then, Donald Trump ended the program which leaves the future of many young people's lives in the United States uncertain.

Just this week, Ellen DeGeneres voiced her concern for the DREAMers. The host of the TV show wore a shirt that said, "We Are All Dreamers."

According to a report from The National Review, Barack Obama's DREAM Act bypassed the US government's regular principle of having the legislative branch pass laws and the executive branch enforce them.

After Congress rejected the DREAM Act in 2012, Obama unilaterally implemented the law without approval from the House of Representatives, leaving many to question the legitimacy of such a mandate.

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