Olivia Wilde Gives Huge Hint About The Marvel Movie She's Directing!

Olivia Wilde Gives Huge Hint About The Marvel Movie She's Directing!
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Olivia Wilde could not help but give her fans and everyone else interested in the next project joining the Marvel Universe, a hint about the movie! Apparently, this film is female fronted but there is something more you should know!

Here is what she had to say about it!

It sounds like the actress, who debuted as a director not too long ago, is going to soon be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

That being said, Olivia Wilde got quite a lot of praise for Booksmart and now she is off to do another project.

As it turns out, the next movie she is developing and directing is a female-centric Marvel movie in collaboration with Sony Pictures.

That sounds super exciting of course but, unfortunately, at this point, there aren’t many details about what it may be about.

All the Hollywood star did was tweet a spider emoji not too long after Deadline reported that the said Marvel movie will be all about Spider-Woman!

Naturally, this made many think that she was hinting that the report was a hundred percent true!

The outlet also dished that Amy Pascal will produce, with Rachel O'Connor as the executive producer and Katie Silberman working on the script.

Previously, Olivia Wilde told E! News during an interview that her experience in front of the camera has actually helped her a lot behind the camera as well.

‘I think the amazing thing about our industry is that you can do both. I have been producing movies for years, I have acted in movies. I love all these jobs, and I think it makes you better at each one of them to do all of them. It makes me a much better director to have been trained in acting,’ she told the news outlet.


Are you excited to watch the upcoming Spider-Woman movie directed by Olivia Wilde?

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