Olivia Newton-John's Famous Grease Leather Jacket Sold At Auction For $405,000

Olivia Newton-John's Famous Grease Leather Jacket Sold At Auction For $405,000
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According to a report from Page Six.com, the dark leather jacket and black pants combination that Olivia Newton-John famously wore in the 1978 film, Grease , just sold at an auction for a whopping $405,000, which was twice the price they were previously estimated at.

On Saturday, an anonymous buyer offered $243,000 for the coat and then another $162,500 for the pants worn by Olivia during the finale of the movie, "You're The One That I Want." Olivia is a four-time Grammy Award winner.

The executive director of Julien's Auctions, Martin Nolan, who helmed the auction, said to reporters from Page Six this past week that he figured the items would sell for $260,000 combined. However, the buyer ended up paying that price for the jacket alone.

Nolan, regarding the legendary status of the outfit, stating that if one were to ask Olivia, she would likely say it would fetch approximately $1 million. "It's so iconic," Nolan began, "I wouldn't be surprised." Moreover, Nolan pointed out that Olivia wore them a few weeks back and they still fit.

During a conversation with reporters from Reuters from the previous week, the Grease actress explained that the zipper on the pants was actually from the 1950s, and they had to be fixed for the movie. Newton-John auctioned off approximately 500 items to raise money for her breast cancer charity.

Reportedly, the actress is fighting against breast cancer for the third time. Among other items being sold at the auction included Olivia's Pink Ladies jacket which had the word, "Sandy," written on them, clearly in reference to her character from the aforementioned late 1970s movie.

Additionally, she also signed a copy of the Grease script and also sold a pair of white cowboy boots that she famously wore in the movie, Xanadu , which came out just two years later.

When asked why she chose to auction off many of her old belongings, Olivia said to reporters that she simply realized that much of her personal items weren't quite as important as she once initially thought.

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