Olivia Newton-John Sends Alex Trebek Inspirational Message As He Battles Cancer

Olivia Newton-John Sends Alex Trebek Inspirational Message As He Battles Cancer
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Olivia Newton-John has sent Alex Trebek some words of encouragement in an inspirational message, as he begins to fight Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , the Australian singer opened up about her fight against cancer, as well as what she told the Jeopardy! host after hearing he too is now battling the terrible disease.

"I sent him a message saying, 'I know you can get through this,' and, 'Don't listen to stage four and all of that. Don't read the statistics and stay focused and see how you can heal yourself,'" shared the Grease star.

Newton-John is no stranger to facing an uncertain future and fighting for her life. She recently revealed that she is facing another battle with cancer. The ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You' singer was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.

When speaking with ET , Newton-John also revealed she told Trebek it was crucial to have a sense of humor during this time.

"That helps. Sense of humor is vital. He has a great attitude and a great sense of humor about it, and I'm sure he'll do very well," she revealed to the celebrity entertainment show.

Last fall while speaking with Sunday Night, a news show in Australia, the Hollywood icon shocked fans by sharing she was once again in recovery for cancer. The second time around Newton-John chose to keep her diagnosis and treatment extremely private. She even shared that some of her family members were unaware of her relapse.

Olivia Newton-John has given Alex Trebek some words of encouragement. If anyone knows what they are talking about it is the 70-year-old. Although she chose to deal with her most recent fight out of the spotlight, the singer is now telling all in her new memoir Don't Stop Believin. The book comes out on Tuesday.

Rumors began circulating at the end of last year that Newton-John was gravely ill and might not back it through her most recent battle. She decided to put those rumors to rest with an Instagram video message letting her fans know she was just fine. The Hollywood legend wished her fans a healthy 2019 reiterating that despite all the speculation, she was not on her death bed.

Lots of advice, support, and flow have been shown to Trebek since he announced his diagnosis last week. Newton-John is the latest to give him a little piece of inspiration from her first-hand experience with cancer.


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