Olivia Munn Is Sensational In Christine Alcalay As She Pokes Fun Of Herself In Humorous Photos

Olivia Munn Is Sensational In Christine Alcalay As She Pokes Fun Of Herself In Humorous Photos
Credit: Source: Olivia Munn/Instagram

Olivia Munn is showing off her beauty and looking sensational as she wears Christine Alcalay in new photos. Sharing pictures with her 2.6 million followers, Olivia Munn posed in the Gem crop top and matching shorts as she wore the outfit for an interview with Whitney Cummings. With her hair and makeup professionally done, Olivia looked sensational but that wasn't enough for the actress who is known for her sense of humor. Though Olivia looked gorgeous in her photo, she also shared a series of pictures where she looked, well, less than perfect, and decided to have a little fun.

In the photo that you may see below, Olivia stunned as she stood with a blackboard behind her, she raised her arms behind her head and clasped her hands together. When she raised her hands, her top lifted and revealed her flawless abs. The Christine Alcalay Gem crop top and shorts feature a multi-color printed design of various crystals and gemstones. The Gem crop top costs approximately $300 and the shorts cost about $300 as well. The outfit is made from 100 percent silk twill that gives it a sheen and the crop top features Mother of Pearl buttons.

Olivia gave the camera a sultry stare as she wore her long, dark ombre tresses parted in the middle and flowing past her shoulders in loose waves. Celebrity hairstylist Kylie Fitzgerald styled Olivia's tresses and celebrity makeup artist Carly Fisher did Olivia's face. She kept Olivia's makeup palette on the natural side and showcased her flawless beauty.

Though Olivia looked gorgeous in the above photo, she decided to share some of her not-so-perfect pictures that she also took while wearing the outfit. She included the following caption.

"Took 300 glam pics and 298 of them legit look just like this. #beautycampaignhereicome"

What do you think about Olivia Munn's silk Christine Alcalay outfit? Do you like the Gem crop top and shorts on the gorgeous actress?

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