Olivia Munn Drags These Bloggers For Criticizing Women's Fashion

Olivia Munn Drags These Bloggers For Criticizing Women's Fashion
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The actress dragged Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, the creators of Go Fug Yourself blog after they criticized what she wore at the Apex for Youth gala. Olivia Munn had something to say and she did not hesitate to do so.

As far as she’s concerned, the two fashion bloggers criticizing women is something really ignorant that she finds no excuse for.

Munn took to social media to share the long essay about her outfit and argued that they’d gone too far.

In one blog post published by Jessica Morgan earlier this month, she mocked the pantsuit Munn had on at the gala.

She said that ‘This is just kinda like she got roped into making a sequel to ‘American Hustle’ that ended up going straight to on-demand.’

In response, Olivia wrote a few days later: ‘For years, fashion-policing celebrity has been an accepted mainstream media critique, even though it mainly focuses on females and not men, which ultimately contributes to the perpetual minimization of women and propagates the idea is predominantly (or singularly) tied to our looks.’

She went on to call out the blog by name, saying that ‘At the forefront of this right now are blogs like Go Fug Yourself, created and run by people who have anointed themselves as judge and jury of what’s fashionable, with posts that read ‘Julianne Moore Looks Like a Cloud,’ ‘Taylor Swift Looked Very Twee… I think this outfit is quasi-ridiculous on you but I look forward to your new work,’ and ‘There Is Just So Much Fug in This Coachella Post’ where they unleash an arsenal of public digs, to name a few.’

Munn slammed them for being hypocritical and ‘nauseating’ for claiming their subjective opinions are the norm for beauty and goodness when their articles are neither.

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