Olivia Munn Details Her Strange Experience Filming X-Men Movie - And Why Bryan Singer Had To Leave

Olivia Munn Details Her Strange Experience Filming X-Men Movie - And Why Bryan Singer Had To Leave
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According to Olivia Munn - who recently had a chat with reporters from Variety - filming the 2016 film, X-Men: Apocalypse, was a very untraditional experience as far as movie-making goes. Page Six picked up on the interview with the actress in which she explained just how unusual the filming process was for Bryan Singer's movie.

Olivia shared with the outlet that Bryan Singer, who was the director of the film, one day got up and departed from the set in Montreal to attend to a medical problem. She claims the director complained of a "thyroid issue" suddenly, leaving many of the cast and crew completely confused.

At the time, the actress shared, she had never worked on such a big movie before. She didn't understand what was right or wrong with the production process, but she felt something was amiss. Munn shared that rather than seeing a doctor in Montreal, he left for Los Angeles and was gone for ten days.

He told the cast and crew to continue working on the movie despite his absence. With all that said, Singer's representatives had a response for Page Six, who reached out for a comment. His spokesperson claimed Bryan did, in fact, go to a Montreal doctor but later went to LA.

Moreover, they claim the medical issue only affected around two days of filming. During the same interview, Munn said he was also given the opportunity to direct the then-upcoming Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek.

Followers of the film's production know it was plagued with rumors, including the sexual misconduct scandals and the director's clashing with the film's star, Rami Malek. He was later fired.

Last year, The Atlantic published a report telling the story of an underage actor complaining of sexual misconduct. The man, who was then 13-years-old, said Bryan fondled his genitals during the filming of Apt Pupil.

This past June, additionally, it was revealed that Singer had paid an accuser $150,000 to keep quiet about the allegations. Singer, through his attornies, said it was not an admission of guilt.

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